Scalability is a description of whether a system can be expanded – either in data volumes, number of users or transaction rates.

No system will be able to scale indefinitely.

This creates the necessity to assess whether a system can be expanded to a certain level – and usually at the same time describe what means will be needed.

Such an assessment will take its offspring in knowledge about an existing implemention of the system and will include an evaluation of potential bottlenecks that might limit the scalability of the system.

It becomes clear that the bigger the gap between the existing system and the expected future implementation – the bigger the uncertaincy.

Therefore an assessment of a systems scalability also must include an assessment of the usability of the information about the existing system.

With this in mind it might prove an benefit if it is possible to use information on more existing implementations (this will typically be possible when assessing a standard system)

Martin Berg Consult can execute an assessment of the scalability of a system with respect to the database.

The assessment will be founded on gathering data about the behaviour of existing systemer