Configuring a database for performance encompasses activities as configuration of the physical layout and setting the database parameters.

For the Oracle Database it is only a subset of all the database parameters, that influences the performance.

A pristine Oracle database will have most of the significant database parameters configured by default to support a wide range of usage patterns.

Above statements is supported by the fact that many – often smaller systems – does not gain any significant improvements by changing database parameters after creation.

Another way of stating above: There are no performance related database parameters what per default are wrongly configured.

To determine whether performance can be improved by changing database parameters requires an analysis of the specific database usage and load.

Martin Berg Consult has great expertise in configuring the database parameters to match the specific usage of the database

The foundation for this will be an analysis of how the time is spend in the database processing SQL requests.

With this knowlegde about the time usage a plan for recommended parameter changes can be described – with rationales.