Computer systems are intended to support your business - either directly for your own organization or as provided services for your customers. The lack of availability of a system will have - some times critical - consequences for your business.

There may be many causes of interrupted availability - and there are many technical or operational means to prevent or limit the consequences of these.

Before disaster strikes

The optimal is in good time to assess risks and consequences of availabity failures and then let this asssessment be used in the planning and setup of the system.

If disaster strikes

A returning experience is that the skills needed for recovery are not available - nor trained. At the same time the level of stress and panic tends to lead to sub-optimal decisions and actions,
Samtidigt vil stressniveauet typisk være højt.

Martin Berg Consult can support you in ensuring that the configuration and operation of the Oracle Database matches the availability requirements for your business.

Martin Berg Consult has significant experience with not only the advanced Oracle technologies for supporting high availability (RAC and Dataguard), but also the more traditional best practices for configuring the Oracle Database.

Martin Berg Consult also has a lot of experience in solving problems, that has caused downtime.